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This guide is NOT for dummies.

By Alexander.Hollins, member

Jan 4, 2016: This is a story about STORY. About how people let the concept of story run their lives. Where genre awareness is a real life skill, because magic and reality actually do work on tropes.

This is a story about a woman determined to make right what has been made wrong, but knowing that being a Hero won’t do it.

This is a story about choice, magic, swordfights, and all the hard shitty things that the faerie tales don’t tell you about life in a magical realm.

And not only is it all that, it’s REALLY well written to boot. It flows, the journalistic style reminds me of Zelazny’s Amber series, if Corwin weren’t an entitled brat. It’s simply FUN to read. It is, honestly, what I was expecting when I heard Wildbow was doing a magic serial. Yes it’s that good. READ! READ! and for you completists, the first book is finished, so you can read to the end of book one, then wait for book two.

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