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Witchcraft, Inquisition, Magick and Betrayal in dedicated words & script-format.

By Pietroschek, member

Oct 26, 2015: First impression review of Malleus Maleficarum by Li Robb.

The monk, and mass-murderer, Heinrich Kramer really inspired a lot of people with that ‘Witch-Hammer book’ he published.

Clicking to read it we are redirected to a website. A nice design, some helpful overview, and extras, can be found. Clicking a chosen chapter of the story resulted in download of a PDF for me.

Technically all worked-out swiftly and well.

Contextually I got into the little chat between Claude and Selene easily. But even after reading the guide for submissions, here at WFG, I failed to enjoy reading script-format stories.

Given that the web fiction guide encourages the script format I will not reduce my voting due this.

Sarah Suleski, author of Sidonie, wrote her review before me. As I agree on some of it I won’t repeat it here, for such feels like plagiarism to me.

Contrary to her, I found the format spoiling the long and detailed story unfolding. She mentioned Buffy, Charmed, and True Blood TV series. I would say that ‘Salem’ fans will like it, too.

All who enjoyed the cultivated & stylish streak in the movie ‘Interview with a Vampire’ may appreciate this, IF not focused on vampires-only.

While it is true that the Inquisition and Witch-Hunting are not that creative, I can gladly say that the well-formated story within the script may have an even stronger atmospheric impact, when one knows movies like ‘Solomon Kane’, ‘Season of the Witch’ or ‘Black Death’.

The author did a good, and very extensive, work. The first part alone has 59 pages, and there are several parts more.

One note on real world occult: The author uses the term magick. Magick became famous due people, real occultists, like Eliphas Levi, Dion Fortune, and Dr. Israel Regardie plus countless others. Magick became infamous due Aleister Crowley. Some people, due their religious devotion, might dislike this. I know that others prefer it that way though.

So, IF you like to read about witches with a historical-fantasy background, and a form of witchcraft which is not alike Dungeons & Dragons, THEN this might be a very good work. It is a lengthy one, and the author seems to have filled this length with quite some quality indeed.

IF you are looking for some fast & easy entertainment this might be too complex and too detailed for you.

I stop reading more, as the format is not what I can enjoy. Still the work is formidable and deserves credits.

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