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Editor’s First Impression

By Jim Zoetewey, editor, author of The Legion of Nothing

Mar 17, 2014: I’ve been reading this since it appeared. Actually, I’ve been reading this since before its official beginning. Wildbow posted the various options for what he was going to do next on his personal blog, and I read the first few entries there.

This was the one that sounded most interesting to me.

Pact is an urban fantasy. It’s worth mentioning that it’s not the kind of urban fantasy that’s essentially a romance novel, but with vampires and werewolves.

It’s the sort of urban fantasy that imagines sorcerers living in the modern period, and making deals with demons, and spirits of all kinds. If that sounds like it might be a horror novel, it should. Horror elements abound.

What I’ve seen so far includes characters that feel real, interesting worldbuilding, and short term and long term plots that promise a fun ride.

Those of you who liked Worm will likely enjoy Wildbow’s second serial as well.

I’ll write a full review when the story’s further along.

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