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Stories from Osterin by Richard Young

It's all fun and games until somebody loses their mind.

If you can touch the Madness, it will grant you great power. A power that will devour your mind until you are nothing more than a shell. Make no mistake: it will happen. And when it does, you’ll turn your power on anyone nearby. And trust me, that’s not pretty. There’s only one option – the protection of . . .

A collection of stories.
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A Country Between by T.L. Stillinger

A World-Hopping Fantasy Tale

Young lady Lunessa and warrior-in-training Rosalynn flee their home, and find themselves in the Grand City of Midway, the place where all of the realms intersect. In that sprawling mish-mash of a million cultures they will find adventure, love, and betrayal as they forge new lives for themselves in the place where everything is possible. . . .

An abandoned novel.
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Moondust by Stephanie Payne

By Believing, One Sees.

For as long as anyone can remember, there have been stories. Stories of fairies and dragons and witches and magic. For thousands of years they were given the respect and awe they deserved, until recently. With fairies pictured as harmless little sprites who sleep in lanterns, mythical creatures nothing more than lies told to children to keep them in their . . .

An abandoned novel.
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Random Editorial Review

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Enjoyed It

By Jim Zoetewey, editor, author of The Legion of Nothing

Oct 4, 2008: I should probably make one comment before I write about the story.

I hate flash.

In case you don’t know, flash is a technique for animating on the web. The Puzzle Box uses flash to open every chapter, forcing you to wait while an animation goes by.

It’s not a terrible thing, but, as mentioned, I hate flash and so prominent use of [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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Shifting views

By apocalypsenovel, member

Nov 30, 2008: Eikasa shows promise. The word “promise” is used often in reviews at WFG. In most cases, I think the reviewers are trying to find a nice way to say that it is not very good but a miracle might save it, or that with an awful lot of editing it might be readable. In some cases the reviewer is too nice to say, “You can’t write, try water skiing or something.” . . . Although I am sure that in many cases they do mean it. In this case, for example, I do mean [more . . .]

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