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Who wouldn’t want to fly?

By G.S. Williams, author of No Man An Island

May 18, 2010: Cloud Dancers has an interesting premise. An Italian boy gives an Australian girl a pill, and Petro is guiding Felicity up in the clouds, insubstantiated. They’re lighter than they were, and able to walk on the white stuff in the sky.

As a kid who always stared out the window in class, I wanted to fly and explore the clouds myself. The writing, however, isn’t quite as light and charming as I’d want it to be. Felicity cares so little about her friends she doesn’t seem to remember their names—perhaps her life was insubstantial before she took the pill. She trusts Petro a little too easily, which doesn’t come across very realistic even to her—she gripes about it but goes along anyway.

At only six chapters it’s a little too soon to tell where the story is headed, but little errors in the text (like Petro being Italian but needing to "learn" the word Felicity which has Italian/Latin roots, or his saying he’s been cloud-dancing for two years while his cousin claims it was four a couple of chapters later) are getting under my skin already. The characters have yet to show real depth, despite Felicity being annoyed with her shallow friends, so I’m not sure if I’m supposed to care about the romance yet.

But we’ll see what happens, the sky is pretty big.

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