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Saga of Soul by Ouri Maler

Where magical girls meet science!

Meet Eriko, an introverted, intellectual teenage girl with good intentions. Now, watch Eriko get caught in the middle of multiple simultaneous plots as fairies, demons, inter-dimensional empires, evil geniuses, immortal killers, cosmic horrors and more all make their move, and it’s up to her to save the day. “Saga of Soul” tells the story of Eriko, A.K.A. Soul, . . .

A serialized novel, updating sporadically.
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These days, by goodboy64

a flower with no light, a sun with no life

Best friends Lilly and Rea have been inseparable since they first met at the local park many years ago. On the tenth anniversary of their friendship, Rea makes her true feelings clear. In the weeks following this development, strange phenomena have begun to occur around Lilly. This slice-of-life story follows two girls exploring this new change in their relationship, while . . .

A serialized novel, updating sporadically.
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Good to see an old favorite on WFG

By MaddiroseX, author of Twisted Cogs

Jan 20, 2014: I’ve actually been following Saga of Soul for longer than I’ve known about WFG, so it’s good to see the serial recognized and hopefully get more readers!

At the start it seems like a cliched "Magical Girl" story; a high school girl gains powers (in Japan, no less), and must use them to fight the monster of the week. What makes Saga of Soul different from your typical Magical Girl anime as that the characters are incredibly clever. The heroine applies [more . . .]

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