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Twig by Wildbow

The year is 1921, and a little over a century has passed since a great mind unraveled the underpinnings of life itself. Every week, it seems, the papers announce great advances, solving the riddle of immortality, successfully reviving the dead, the cloning of living beings, or blending of two animals into one. For those on the ground, every week brings . . .

A serialized novel, updating twice weekly.
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Voyage of the Nightingale by nursingcapsarecool

In 2213, the Earth has seen devastating global pandemics, the rise and fall of nations, and countless wars. Humanity has ascended to the stars and has begun to spread throughout the solar system. To support distant settlers, the medical training and aid ship GSC Nightingale completes a four-year journey from Earth to Pluto and everywhere in between. It carries . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes fortnightly.
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Deep and intricate plot, wonderful writing.

By Stable, author of The Archive Of Unusual Events

Jun 27, 2016: Twig starts out like old Star Trek series, with a couple of adventures that return to the status quo at the end. Once the characters have been introduced however the story starts to move up the gears. And what characters!

Following the super-hero trope of a seemingly mismatched team that is stronger together than the sum of its parts, our characters each have their own unique skills and diverse identities. Instead of the concept of "powers" however, this all fits into [more . . .]

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