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Rocinante by Wes Boyd

Vagabonding in the seventies! The only thing that kept Mark going in Vietnam was his plan to spend some time wandering the country by air, like barnstormers did 50 years before. In the last days before leaving, he acquires a partner—a tall, morose girl named Jackie. They spend months on their aerial oddessy, falling in love along the way while . . .

A complete novel.
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The Next Generation by Wes Boyd

All she ever wanted was to be normal! Her mother considered Judith to be a hopeless invalid that would have to be cared for all her life—but then she finds a boyfriend that doesn’t see her that way. With his help, she learns to be a farmer’s wife and a much stronger person than anyone had ever thought she could . . .

A complete novel.
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Runner’s Moon by Wes Boyd

Two kids, a dream, and acres of dogs . . . Josh and Tiffany want to become dogsled racers. They just have to grow up first—and learn about what they’re doing along the way. A follow-on to Busted Axle Road, focusing on Josh and Tiffany’s adventures. . . .

A complete novel.
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Slow and . . . slow.

By Donna Sirianni, editor

Dec 4, 2008: Reading the first five chapters of this story was like slogging through mud up to my thighs. I’ve never taken so long to read what is rightly such a short amount of words but the tedium with which the story is told wore me down.

Every piece of minutiae, every asinine conversation, nearly every bit of movement was portrayed in these chapters in what I could only think of as a means to move the plot forward, as if there wasn’t [more . . .]

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Growing in Love

By Von, member

Aug 24, 2011: I think I would have rated this story at least a four just for the fact that the main characters wait until they are married to have sex, but the rest of the plot adds to the entire effect. I leave out the last 0.5 only because the writing is rather shallow.

This story is a nice contrast to pretty much everything you read nowadays in that, in this story, the main characters don’t just do what ‘makes them happy’ but [more . . .]

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