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anachronauts by Stefan Gagne

a web novel of broomsticks, semiautomatics, and jetpacks. 

As Earth recovers from a worldwide incursion by the Faerie Court, the landscape of society has changed considerably. Anachronisms run wild—spells are just as common as machine guns, ogres as common as soldiers. The past has run headlong into the present . . . and the future is lurking on the sidelines, as well.

Caught in the middle of the mess are a world-weary soldier, a young witch, and a space borne visitor trying to contain a leak of dangerous off world weapons . . . the three of them investigating far and wide, to prevent a hypertechnology induced global catastrophe. Spells, bullets, and jetpacks united for one journey.

A complete series

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Listed: Jul 5, 2009

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Zany, Serious, Solid

By LondonIvy, member

Sep 9, 2011: I am a long-time fan of Stefan Gagne’s writing, and so it was natural I gave his newest series Anachronauts a try. As of now I have read two books in the series and trying to find the time to read more.

What Anachronauts is at its heart is a very solid genre mash-up, filled with seemingly incongruous elements (aliens, the fae, steampunk and zombies all mixed in a post-apocalyptic world). From his past writing it’s obvious that Gagne excels with [more . . .]

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You get thrown right in there!

By Oniwasabi, author of The Monster They Deserve

Feb 17, 2014: So, in a nutshell this is an alternate modern-universe story where sometime in the recent past the world of Faerie was thrust back into alignment with Earth, and bad things happen. I’m stating this at the beginning of my review, because it takes a little bit to piece together ANY relevant background information on the world. And with this writing style, that is a GOOD thing. Now if the mixture of modern stuff with Faerie magic (and a little bit of super futuristic tech thrown in for fun and plot [more . . .]

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Timely Anachronisms

By Chris George, author of Shadow

Aug 24, 2011: The premise of Stefan Gagne’s Anachronauts is a fairly simple one: the worlds of faerie magic and conventional reality have merged and the anachronistic details hinted at in the title are everywhere – magic versus guns, forest nymphs versus heavy plant vehicles, wtiches versus the successors to the U.S. Army. To complicate things just a little more there’s a super-advanced alien race watching from above, whose technology seems to have the unfortunate habit of falling into the wrong hands.

It is [more . . .]

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