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One of my favorite childhood tales, in one of my favorite Genres

By Alexander.Hollins, member

Jan 6, 2015: The tale of the musketeers and their hapless wanna be newb was one I enjoyed as a child, and seeing the tags and description of this serial, I was ready to cringe. I’m all for a gender swap, but it sounded like romance between the quartet was in the air. While a bit of crushing happens, and some mutual partners, the quartet keep things professional, well, as much as a musketeer can, and the story is a DELIGHTFUL romp through futurism and the past.

The tale is told in much the same style and pacing as the original. Many conventions of space opera have been used, and I can see pieces of classic SF sprinkled here and there in ways that warms the cockles of my heart. Looking at her webpage, I was not surprised to learn that Tansy already has a few books under her belt, and I will be hunting them down shortly, as her prose doesn’t dance across the page, it STRUTS. Somehow she manages to keep the story feeling modern, like EE Smith’s lensman series, like pulp 50’s rocketship sci fi, and like the original tale, all the at the same time. READ THIS STORY. You need the laughs.

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