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By melonmonkey, member

May 6, 2015: I’ve been reading this serial for several months now. When I began, I burned through the first arc or three at lightning speed. There were a couple hitches, but it was easily a 4.5/5 book at that time. The story was compelling, the characters interesting, and the plot "twist" central to the main villain story was dramatic.

Then the story kept going. Hector saved a person, and that was interesting. Then he started meeting some very powerful servants, and that was kind of interesting, too. Now, though? I don’t feel the charm that I used to. The characters I care about don’t feel threatened, and the characters that are being introduced don’t feel deep enough for me to grow to care about them. There’s plot here, but it isn’t a plot that feels close to my heart. Hector is no longer moving the story, and that feels sad to me.

Anyway, this review was written on 5/6/2015. There’s more than enough time for things to come back around. Maybe the author has a vision for this all coming together in an amazing way that I’d never have foreseen. I can only say that, as of this moment, it’s losing me.

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