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Something special

By Fluff, member

Jul 5, 2012: From the depths of a failing and ruined city to the heights of a hinted at wonder, Worm charts a world of super-powered individuals with flaws and hopes that seem all too real.

I stumbled across Worm without planning on spending my time on what is now quite a lengthy piece of prose after a year of regular updates, but instead found myself being drawn in immediately and devouring the chapters in only a few sittings and loudly demanding more. The two great strengths I find in Worm are the depth and creativity of the main characters personality and actions, and the richness of the setting and mythology.

On the former, as the protagonist Taylor Hebert/Skitter tries to escape the trap of her dreadful school life, you realise this is a smart brave and very resourceful young woman. But not without flaws, and like all teenagers she doesn’t think far enough ahead, and is so eager to move from what she was and prove herself she takes a road paved with good intentions and problematic outcomes. But Wildbow writes Worm with subtle shades of grey, and even as Taylor sinks further into what a less insightful author would have as the villains you can’t help but wonder if this is the better course of action after all. Is it more important to do Good, or be labelled Good?

On the setting aspect, the city of Brockton Bay has been written with care to feel like a real and breathing place; with its districts and problems, its civil and criminal histories, and its people and powereds just trying to live and thrive. Yet despite these minute detailing the reader still left with the impression the city is but part of a wider stage on which a grander story is playing out for this world, and that whatever happens it will not be without weight of meaning.

Nothings perfect of course, and my point of dissatisfaction overall would be the hectic pace of events within the story as the protagonists jump from one crisis and crucial event to the next, and the unclear blocking of some of the fight scenes (though certainly not their inventiveness, which is top notch!).

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