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I burned through the archive in a day…

By Shutsumon, author of Tales of the First

Sep 19, 2012: Short Version: Recommended for all Superhero fiction fans. When I started reading it a couple of weeks ago I burned through the archive in one day.

Setup: Taylor is a teenage girl with an unusual superpower – she controls insects and arachnids. She dreams of becoming a superhero and when a group of teenage supervillains mistake her for a villain and invite her to join them she agrees in order to spy on and eventually betray them. But as she gets to know them and the heroes better she realises things may not be so clear cut.

The Good: The characters in Worm are really vividly drawn and wonderfully complex. The world building is similarly delightful. One particularly nice touch is that since most capes are triggered by a traumatic experience there are more villains than heroes in the world and a large number of independents who refuse to get involved. Then there’s the fact that the villains are actually people with personalities and goals. Some of them are genuinely nasty, some of them are decent in spite of their career choices, some of them have been screwed over by their powers and all of them (even the nasty ones) are people. The heroes are a similarly diverse bunch and some of them are pretty much villains with badges but again they are all people – even the shallow nasty ones.

The Bad: There’s not much bad to say about this story in my opinion. Taylor might be a bit too nice and idealistic for some people early on and it looks like the story is ramping up to ‘save the world’ levels that might make the scope too wide for some readers but all in all it’s a fantastic example of its genre.

Will I be reading more? Not just yes, but hell yes. I’m really enjoying it. Long may it continue!

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