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Not to bug you but….

By sunflowerofice, author of Technically Abroad

May 29, 2019: A really fun and enjoyable read with only minor things that can easily be over looked.

Alright so I’m not really a big reviewer and honestly I’m not sure if this is needed with how many other people have rated, reccomended, and reviewed the series, but it’s the only one I have finished so far. I know I can review before finishing it but well with how long this is I wanted to finish first.

That said, first off you should know that this is a super powered story with people who can move fast, fly high, break walls, and build amazing tech beyond what we can even imagine.. . . . well maybe not imagine, but beyond what we can expect in reality.

Below here I might have spoilers as I’m not sure about how good I am at reviewing be wary of that. That said I’ll try to minimize it.

Taylor is our main character who gets her power during the second worst day of her life. She becomes the bug! alright she gets a better name but still she controls insects and spiders and still wants to be a hero. I’m sure you can see how that would be harder since the power doesn’t exactly scream hero.

"Oh yay! a hero.. . . . wait.. . . . a cloud of creepy crawlers?!?!? no its a villain run!!!"

and honestly that isn’t to far off at the start. She wants to be a hero but is mistaken for a villain.

So as far as that goes they say the best villains are the ones who think they are the hero of the story and this really shows that mindset off if I am honest.

Taylor only wants to do good things, but knows that sometimes if you have your hands tied you can’t. It shows that morals can be compromised and everyone is/can be a hypocrit and nobody is really exempt from that. Heros, villains, people who don’t take sides.

Now I will say that this story is loooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg. Normally that is great but this is something like 20-25 novels long (guessing) and sometimes that can put you off so if you need to take a break, like I did, take one and come back. The coming back is a must.

There are minor mistakes, mostly with spelling etc, but Wildbow had correction threads in the comments and fixed most of it so it’s not very bad at all. There was also only one part that I really felt awkward and wtf happened here reading. The next paragraph has blatant spoilers regarding this so skip if you don’t wanna know.

During the part that taylor has a two year time skip how it was written seemed really confusing to me. They are dealing with a new endbringer (something that just pops up kills and destroys then leaves) and they all travel around fighting it. Well it turns out that this was her watching a video of the fight from two years ago which until just prior was now. It wasn’t enough to stop me from reading but it put me in a confused state of mind and I had to reread that part and I think I brought it up in reddit. I’m not sure offhand and don’t feel like looking through my reddit posts.

That all said this is a great story. Great powers that aren’t just hey this power is great pew pew punch punch I’m amazing!

There are odd powers, restrictions, conditions, and things like that. It might be that you get this great benifit on one side but another side goes down in use. It might be you can do this great thing but only in situations like this. You might have this cool thing, but certain powers completely shut you down. It’s like rock paper scissors with hundreds of options and most of them don’t have a blatant winner so creativity and teamwork are a must.

In the end let me say this.

It’s a great series that you will be very likely to enjoy, unless you hate stories about supers. With how much there is in movies I can understand, but still give this a chance.

The characters are great, the power system is amazing and, there is a lot of foreshadowing that will make you wanna look back from something big that was done to something small like a sideways look someones way.

And, to me at least, something great is unlike marvel and dc people can’t be killed dozens of ways and still come back to life 10 posts later. Stuff that happens lasts and that made it more compelling.

That said this is my first review and I’m not sure what I should say about what I am reviewing so I hope I did good enough. Give it a shot you won’t regret it and if you need a break take one. You will want to come back though.

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This is a very long novel; Make sure you have the time to savor it.

By Minichirops, member

Feb 28, 2019: I have read this story twice. The first time it took me a little more than two weeks, and that is . . . well, Excessive dedication, even for a speed-reader. I couldn’t put it down. I was employed part-time, but I still found the time for this excellent read.

It took me much longer the second time.

The superhero genre is so overdone in graphic context that seeing a serious go at treating it as legitimate content was foreign, at first. I’m really glad I stuck with it. The story starts out simple: a mistreated girl who is more than she seems tries to make something of herself without giving up her mundane existence.

Then the author’s ability to take concepts to their logical conclusion kicks in, and everything you thought you knew about judging the strength of a superpower at face value turns out to be dangerously wrong.

Also, he really hates treating his main characters well. Treasure the happy moments.

Great stuff. Highly recommended—I’ve told my friends about it, but they’re not mostly big readers.

That being said, I think mild sexual content (implied) might belong in the story’s description.

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Gripping the whole way through.

By ironmonkey135, member

Feb 16, 2019: An amazing journey of characters hiding behind a packaging of large scale superhero drama, Worm is a just that, a journey, more than a story. The main protagonist feels so real in her thoughts and troubles than she grounds this extra-ordinary romp in reality. Honestly so engaging that most people I know struggle to moderate themselves in it’s consumption. Few books do that, and yet Wildbow has created a story longer than most multi-part book series that grabs you on the first arc and doesn’t let go for another 1.6 million words. The simple fact that this serial can stay so engaging for so long is mind boggling in hindsight. To think that finishing the dry sections of ASOIAF took me ages, and yet this serial—of a comparable length—melted away in comparison. Amazing on all accounts, recommend to everyone, even if you’re not especially fond of superheros generally. I perhaps even recommend it more so. This world is exceptionally well thought out, powers are unique and characters act with actual thought behind them. Very rarely, if ever, do I find myself questioning a character’s decisions. Even if they are stupid or a character-breaking moment, it always feels like a natural consequence of the story. Worm is a master class in world-building, establishing a relateable narrator, and depicting realistic relationships, all while creating a high stakes epic journey for our hero-to-be to explore.

Honestly, just read the first arc. Doesn’t matter what I think. Read the first arc, and then just try and stop. I’ve found very few that have been able to.

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