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Gripping the whole way through.

By ironmonkey135, member

Feb 16, 2019: An amazing journey of characters hiding behind a packaging of large scale superhero drama, Worm is a just that, a journey, more than a story. The main protagonist feels so real in her thoughts and troubles than she grounds this extra-ordinary romp in reality. Honestly so engaging that most people I know struggle to moderate themselves in it’s consumption. Few books do that, and yet Wildbow has created a story longer than most multi-part book series that grabs you on the first arc and doesn’t let go for another 1.6 million words. The simple fact that this serial can stay so engaging for so long is mind boggling in hindsight. To think that finishing the dry sections of ASOIAF took me ages, and yet this serial—of a comparable length—melted away in comparison. Amazing on all accounts, recommend to everyone, even if you’re not especially fond of superheros generally. I perhaps even recommend it more so. This world is exceptionally well thought out, powers are unique and characters act with actual thought behind them. Very rarely, if ever, do I find myself questioning a character’s decisions. Even if they are stupid or a character-breaking moment, it always feels like a natural consequence of the story. Worm is a master class in world-building, establishing a relateable narrator, and depicting realistic relationships, all while creating a high stakes epic journey for our hero-to-be to explore.

Honestly, just read the first arc. Doesn’t matter what I think. Read the first arc, and then just try and stop. I’ve found very few that have been able to.

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