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This is a very long novel; Make sure you have the time to savor it.

By Minichirops, member

Feb 28, 2019: I have read this story twice. The first time it took me a little more than two weeks, and that is . . . well, Excessive dedication, even for a speed-reader. I couldn’t put it down. I was employed part-time, but I still found the time for this excellent read.

It took me much longer the second time.

The superhero genre is so overdone in graphic context that seeing a serious go at treating it as legitimate content was foreign, at first. I’m really glad I stuck with it. The story starts out simple: a mistreated girl who is more than she seems tries to make something of herself without giving up her mundane existence.

Then the author’s ability to take concepts to their logical conclusion kicks in, and everything you thought you knew about judging the strength of a superpower at face value turns out to be dangerously wrong.

Also, he really hates treating his main characters well. Treasure the happy moments.

Great stuff. Highly recommended—I’ve told my friends about it, but they’re not mostly big readers.

That being said, I think mild sexual content (implied) might belong in the story’s description.

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