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Joined: Apr 4, 2016

J. Ander is a fantasy writer who spends vast amounts of time daily attached to a keyboard. Some believe it’s a product of extreme introversion. Others are fairly certain it’s just a sign of craziness.

I am a fantasy writer. I'm also dyslexic. So it does take me an incredibly long amount of time to clean up my work. I will do it but know my writing is rather flawed for this fact. I do tend to write fantasy and often times that fantasy isn't so typical. I've a hard time writing and being part of a trend. Sometimes my stuff is low on the action. I taken a bit of a liking to Eastern style of story-telling where a major conflict isn't the point of the story. That's seen in Hy'Ruh-Ha and everything currently in what is known as the Risen Universe. Currently there are seven stories and none of them written in order but I'm posting chronologically on my novel blog.

Note: I also tend to read what I absolutely am interested in for reasons. It makes me sound picky but reading is sometimes a tough mental exercise for me and because if it, I read what I want. I will provide reviews for those things when I can get to them. More often than not if I don't provide one for something I read or directed too, it's because I'm struggling to find words.

Also, if I do a review, it's probably be based purely off of a first impression. Let's say, the first 3-5 chapters so I can get the feel for a story. I'm used to doing book reviews on finished material so I'm trying to figure out a way

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