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Highschool Chills and Thrills

By Stormy, editor, author of Require: Cookie

Jul 23, 2008: The only thing that saddened me when reading Scary Mary was that I was older than the target audience (it’s a highschool story) – I have no doubt that if I’d read it at an age-appropriate time it would have a frightening and fun experience. That’s not said to discourage older readers though – it’s a quick, fun read – a good way to spend the afternoon, especially as it is a completed work. Just think of it as borrowing a younger sibling’s book.

Mary is a character that you can easily relate to – an outcast at highschool, a strange home life and a ghost dog. Well . . . maybe not everyone has experience with the last part, but it does afford a good few laughs.

It’s very short – which makes it quick, short enough for a quick afternoon read, but at the same time, it lacks detail that could have been achieved by making it a good fifty percent longer – certain elements could have been fleshed out, particularly the secondary characters.

Read it, you won’t regret it.

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