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The Premise seems interesting…

By Sora, member

Oct 2, 2008: With that being said, it’s a bit disjointed so far. It starts off with the hook as the prologue. Most of the time I skip these and I probably could have skipped this one if it hadn’t tied in with the rest of the story. This is what confused me a bit and what caused me to think the story was disjointed. The story starts with the hook and that’s fine, but the first chapter is a bit of too mundane. I think the story should have started with the hook and kept with it. The hook of the story is that Danny has received the ability to literally jump into books. If a prologue was necessary, I think this is where the whole explanation of how that came about is best, or even better, would be to work into the narrative. The author attempts to do that, but it doesn’t flow quite as smoothly.

There isn’t enough about the different books that the character jumps in and out of. Who are the authors of these books and so on and so forth. It’s a really interesting idea that I would just like to see taken to the next level. It mentions that Danny has the responsibility to fix things that are wrong in books, but up until this point (I finished everything that’s posted, though I do admit that I skimmed a bit when things weren’t making sense) I’m still confused to how everything all works. Are these books written by bad authors who don’t do their research and get the things mixed up?

The whole story left me feeling confused. I’m not sure if I want to keep reading or not. It’s a good premise, but it’s a bit disjointed for me to decide whether I like it or not. This is subject to change as the serial is still being updated.

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