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Spirit Walker

By zesh, member

Mar 3, 2010: I have read this story 2 or 3 times now and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Fel tends to avoid the short ‘blog’ fiction type of writing and writes his books as if they were a novel. The story follows a stone cutter’s journey right through to eventually becoming a shaman and the trials he faces, some of them being disturbing.

I have read all of Fel’s other books the subjugation series and the weavespinner series, so I understand his style. He likes to add in a lot of detail and this becomes relevant later on in the particular story or in the book and the story does quickly evolve into being far more complex.

I have currently read up to the end of book 2 where it looks like a mid season hiatus is about to begin.

I would highly recommend reading this book. The secret with Fel is to treat the book almost like a novel rather then a web-fic, there will be a lot of extra detail and description, but somewhere along the way it will be relevant.

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