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Editor’s First Look – Mystery/Slice of Life/YA

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Oct 21, 2018: The author of Unusual Florida does a good job of setting her scene and place. Readers are treated to possible memory-inducing descriptions of long, sweaty car rides to get to a vacation destination, and scenes where a number of teen or pre-teen kids awkwardly try to get to know one another and explore the somewhat mysterious resort they’re vacationing in. The mystery begins to be built on the fact that about half of the kids seem to be there with (or because) of their wealthy families, and about half through some sweepstakes or something that they won, and the fact that there seem to be some parts of the resort marked out as forbidden for no discernable reason.

The website is well-designed for reading through the story and paging quickly to the next chapter, and the story was edited well throughout, so that I could avoid being dropped out of the story as I noticed an error.

One thing that I’d like to see is a little more story progression; thirteen chapters in and we’re still seeing new characters be introduced into the mix. There was a brief dig into something that seemed to deepen the mystery, but that was a couple chapters back and the author hasn’t returned to it.

All in all, I’d recommend this piece to people who like slice-of-life stories mixed with mystery in a YA scenario. I think you’ll enjoy what’s there so far, but I do encourage the author to start unraveling more of the mystery soon.

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