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By geisternatur, member

Feb 26, 2017: andy yeh is the mastermind behind re/search/er and as the name suggests he actually is exactly that. he explores and researches a musical universe so varied and surprising, so full of bright and colourful nuances – an audible rainbow with a spectrum of undiscovered tints – it makes you seriously crave to enter it and immerse yourself in this world of unknown melodies and ear-opening concoctions.

his latest project is called futurecults – it is a ‘multi-media ecosystem of stories and music and also art’, as he perfectly describes this body of work on his website. basically, you can search various characters on a map and dive into their respective narratives while listening to beautiful compositions that are perfectly suited to the character’s storyline. there are ufos involved, strange happenings and bad omens, everyday anxieties and absurdities, sometimes a little cheeky and humorous, sometimes downright sad, sensible and forlorn. but all those stories have one in common – people going through a hard time collectively, searching for some kind of purpose or salvation in one way or another.

it’s a little nook in the wide space of the universe called world wide web that lets you feel a little less alone, ’cause aren’t we all scared, lonely, anxious, sad and sometimes feel even angry or left behind under our outgoing and striving to be happy masks? don’t we all have our problems, tiny and big, profound or superficial? futurecults stories might be helpful in bringing an order to our scatterbrained minds with all the various character arcs, their little stories and the extraordinary musical accompaniment.

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