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By Asmora, member

Oct 11, 2012: I’ve just made it through the first year of Descendants, and I have to say it’s been tough. Since the series is working on its fifth year, I remain hopeful that the issues I have will clear up by the time I reach the present, but it has been a struggle to find enough in the story to justify the effort. The fact that I have actually kept going is probably testament that the story is good, though.

The problems that I have with Descendants largely boil down to one thing: EDITING. Missing words, mistaken word substitutions, spellcheck-induced homophone mistakes, missing commas, extra commas, various other punctuation errors, and miscapitalization . . . These things make me want to attack my screen with a red pen.

If you aren’t an anal-retentive jerk with a overactive editing cortex in your brain, you may love Descendants! It does a great job of replicating the feel of a comic book, and the initial premise is a comic book classic: A group of superpowered, persecuted underdogs, many of whom are teenagers, struggles to find a place for themselves and fight against a shadowy government conspiracy.

The characters are interesting. The action is well-written and exciting. The humor is humorous, and it doesn’t detract from the seriousness. The good guys are good. The bad guys are BAD. There is basically nothing in the traditional superhero formula that the author hasn’t done right.

The thing that I feel could improve (aside from editing) is that the author hasn’t pushed the envelope. I’m only up to the first year, but I feel like things are TOO four-color and classic. The bad guys are a shadowy conspiracy whose goals literally appear to be kidnapping large numbers of children and performing horrible, torturous medical experiments on them. They are more than happy to hire superpowered, immoral psychos to cause wanton property damage, kidnap people, and murder for them. The good guys are all steadfastly moral, have exactly the required number of foibles necessary to make them lovable and human, and they are the center of an unusual number of coincidences.

These things aren’t wrong, necessarily. If the goal is to create a fun, entertaining genre piece, Descendants succeeds without question. With stories like Worm and The Last Skull out there, though, which challenge the genre and rise above it, I hope that there is more depth in the years to come.

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