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Random Editorial Review

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Fun, but can be better presented

By Eli James, editor

Feb 12, 2009: J.B.’s NYC Internet Adventure is a rollicking, fine read – taking yours truly (an alien to America) through New York’s best landmarks and tourists attractions. I wonder now how much of it was written for education vs. fun, but I admit that it’s a rather good piece for (American) students who want to learn more about New York, and about their country in general.

The story introduces you to a bunch of kids – Jake, Stella, Marcus and Stanley, who, along [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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Leaves you wanting more…

By eikasia, author of Akumu Love Panic!

Oct 26, 2010: I decided to give The Soulreaper Chronicles a try as it was in keeping with much of the material I’ve been reading as of late. The promise of fae, or magical beings, also caught my eye. And as I started reading, I found there was much enjoyment to be had.

The following is just a brief summary of my first read, and all of this information is given either in the synopsis here on WFG or the story’s first chapter. If [more . . .]

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