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Very autobiographical, but it has my attention.

By Alexander.Hollins, member

May 7, 2015: The story opens with a prologue of the narrator looking at objects that we know will be part of the story, talking about the past. My first thought is that this removes a touch of drama, as we know the narrator survives, but piqued my curiosity just enough to keep going. The story is told in first person storyteller, which is to day, it feels like a person sitting at a bar telling the bartender their life story, in between shots of gin. This DOES drag the story at times, but the prose is still decently done. Typos are rare, and the dialogue MOSTLY feels genuine, though there are a few stilted phrases and skipped contractions. The base plot line is familiar enough to the horror genre, but so far with its own fresh takes and questions, and has at this point (six chapters) decently tantalized with a desire for answers. I can see it very quickly going bad, but also see it being very good when complete. I’ll be reading to the end.

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