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Supernatural mystery done well

By Deadpansmirk, author of Desert Steel

Dec 2, 2015: Antlers, Colorado starts off well, because it makes me intrigued in the story, settings and characters all within the first chapter. What’s especially great is that it lives up to its initial promise, keeping me entertained and engaged throughout.

This is a well-written web serial. Sentences have good structure, grammar and flow. Nobody should have any problem understanding what is happening when. The characters are believable and interesting, all with their own unique personalities. I like the main character. He, like all good protagonists, is flawed enough to be interesting but not too much to be unlikeable. His relationships with his father and Otter are fleshed out, and make me care for every single one of them.

The combination of supernatural and mystery works well together, although I have a personal love for both genres. Supernatural beings are merged smoothly into the modern small town setting, and each serves the other well. A downside is that the lore is unclear. The police take him on as consultant without scepticism, but people don’t seem to know about the existence of ghosts. It’s not made clear how much of the supernatural is common knowledge, which means world building is lacking. Furthermore, there’s no explanation of what monsters exist out there in Colorado or the greater US. Do vampires prey on Hollywood actresses in LA? Are Werewolves roaming the prairies? You don’t know, or even if they exist in this world.

That being said, the mysteries so far have been engaging, action-packed and, most importantly, mysterious. The only other complaint I can think of is that I maybe thought their pacing wasn’t perfect, but this is just a feeling that I can’t really nail down or describe, so it might well be different for you.

In conclusion, you should definitively give it a read.

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