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By krasmataz, member

May 29, 2015: Antlers, Colorado is a great read. It updates according to a strict schedule, and each update is a short, sweet manageable chunk. The "chapters" are really more like books, length-wise, and they update in parts that are several pages long apiece. I have read all of the first chapter, and I can definitely recommend it to readers fascinated with local monster stories. Plus, the main character, Austin, is the kind of protagonist you immediately love. He’s grumpy, but gee does he have good reason to be. Plus, he’s queer, neurodivergent, and a medium. The supporting cast are all really fleshed out and have important roles in the story beyond "stock cop" "stock boyfriend" etc. Also, something specific to the serial fiction genre that Antlers does well: updates keep tension going—it’s hard to wait for the next one. 10/10

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