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Murder, Mystery, First Love and the End of the World…

By Angie Q. Hart, member

Jul 30, 2010: From the moment that I started this online novel, I was captivated. Imagine a world where you never live to adulthood, where all societal bounderies have broken down and the rules are made as you go along. This is it, and much more.

The characters in this novel are well thought out and stay true to form with every page. They develop naturally through trial and error, by making mistakes, and calculating correctly. The protrayal of teens trying to "make it" is honest and brave.

I suppose you could call this a post-apocalyptic story because there is no other way to describe it, but here, the bounderies are a bit blurred. There is a disease that wipes out the aged, not the weak. The only battles being fought are the ones in the head, the heart, and oh yeah . . . .On the streets.

The main heroine/protagonist of this book is Cassie. She’s an okay girl, but a bit "sensitive" for my taste. Her beau is Jay (Galahad), and he is the one to die for. Let me put it this way, the author leaves everything to the imagination. I do not personally recall a single word spent on his physical description, but despite that, I can see why all the girls loved him. He is the stuff of dreams, and believe me as rough as life is in Steal Tomorrow, you need a dream or two. The devil in the mix is David (jerk! I don’t care how hurt he is on the inside . . . :P) I should have said "one of the devils" because when this story heats up and you realize that there is some crazy conspiracy going on, you realize that nothing is what you thought it was. Lots of twists and turns and an insane finale.

There are a host of other characters, all clearly defined by their behaviors and attitudes. While you always have an idea about where each character will go, they aren’t predictable in the least.

My biggest issue with this story lies in the ending. There was a bit of "happily ever after"ish here that didn’t fly well with me. But, when I think about it, there really was little other way to deal with the ending.

I won’t leave any spoilers here, you’ll have to read it for yourself. The author summed it up right, Murder, Mystery, First Love and the End of the World . . . 

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