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The Soulreaper Chronicles by James Monaghan

Murder, mystery and magic in a world teetering on the edge

The British Isles, the 16th century. Decades ago, the fae returned to the mortal world. Released by a coven of magicians after centuries of imprisonment, they swept across the British Isles, covering the land with a tangled forest of enchanted trees. Cities fell. Thousands died. Only a handful of cities were saved. Years later, the people of the . . .

A serialized novel, with no recent updates.
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My Stupid Journal by Daisy Tannenbaum

Being the candid and unabridged chronicles of Miss Daisy Eudora Tannenbaum, age eleven, of Paddington, New Jersey, currently exiled in Paris, France, author of DAISY AND THE PIRATES. I’m Daisy. Maybe you know me from “DAISY & THE PIRATES.” I’m supposed to be in Sixth Grade now, but I punched some jerk at school and got expelled, so my . . .

A complete novel.
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China Wind by Anne Infante

China Wind: A tale of conspiracy and revenge in the high-rise glass towers of big business . . . with a dash of corruption, secret criminal societies, a beautiful promiscuous woman . . . and a twist of romance. Langford-Price is one of the leading companies in Hong Kong. When the promiscuous wife of one of the directors mysteriously disappears, Brisbane private investigator, Carol Monk, is hired . . .

A complete novel.
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Crime and soap Down Under

By Linda Schoales, editor

Apr 8, 2009: My first impression was that “China Wind” was going to be an Australian romance novel in the style of Danielle Steele, with lots of rich people throwing lavish parties and jetting off to exotic locales, and beautiful women competing for the attention of rich, powerful men. Then we found out that Carol Monk, one of the main characters, was a Private Investigator and I decided that this was going to be a romantic suspense or detective novel. Unfortunately, after 10 chapters we still don’t have a body but the author [more . . .]

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China Wind – highly recommended

By JulieD, member

Apr 21, 2009: Reading Anne Infante’s China Wind is like opening a well-wrapped gift – most relevant considering its Christmas setting. As you open each layer, Anne gently builds her characters and context, leading to the discovery of the mystery at its heart. There is also a hint of romance for Carol Monk which is like the sparkly bow on top – but who will be the successful suitor? Anne unfolds the map of pre-handover Hong Kong with vivid descriptions of the city and its surrounding territories and sets the plot in a [more . . .]

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