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China Wind – highly recommended

By JulieD, member

Apr 21, 2009: Reading Anne Infante’s China Wind is like opening a well-wrapped gift – most relevant considering its Christmas setting. As you open each layer, Anne gently builds her characters and context, leading to the discovery of the mystery at its heart. There is also a hint of romance for Carol Monk which is like the sparkly bow on top – but who will be the successful suitor? Anne unfolds the map of pre-handover Hong Kong with vivid descriptions of the city and its surrounding territories and sets the plot in a realistic political, business and social milieu. The easy pace allows the reader to develop their own theories about what’s happened to Wanda, where is Pat, is Guy really a bad guy and just what is going on at Langford Price? She deftly handles her large cast, ruthlessly bumping them off where necessary and adding intrigue upon intrigue as the plot advances. I’m enjoying my daily dose of China Wind – although I do get a bit frustrated by not being able to read further each day to the end.

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