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A Scifi-Fantasy-Noir Sure to Excite and Entertain!

By Marn, author of Deep, Blue, Bottomless

Oct 17, 2015: Wolf, Owl, and Black Apple is one of my favorite currently-running serials, primarily because how completely unique it is compared to everything else out there. Not many other stories can boast a world that is a seamless blending of noir, fantasy, and science fiction – not quite urban fantasy, as some of the gadgets the characters have are pretty out there compared to present day technology. It’s unlike any fantasy setting you’ve ever read before. Crime solving in a universe where dwarves and bird-people exist alongside smartphones? Sign me up.

The characters of WOBA are also a huge selling point. Juniper and Noel have a great dynamic, and Blake really nails the feeling that these two are longtime, childhood friends without them having to state that fact over and over to remind the reader of it. Forsetti, the immortal detective, is probably my favorite protagonist, and every new detail about her only makes me hungry for more. Blake populates the world of WOBA with lively characters that are just as unique as the setting they’re placed in, allowing them to pop off the page. If you’re a sucker for well-rounded characters with great development, I highly recommend this serial.

Yes, the updates do tend to get wordy sometimes, but it’s easy to see how that’s just a part of the style that WOBA is written in. The long chunks of text never dip into purple prose territory – they generally provide pretty important descriptions and information, and they’re by no means boring. This does mean that some parts of WOBA take longer than usual to read, but in my mind, it’s worth it. Since WOBA is currently on hiatus, it’s a good time for new readers to jump in and take their time with it before updates resume.

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