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Looking for Mystery?

By G.S. Williams, editor, author of No Man An Island

Jul 25, 2008: The premise of the story, an occult investigator, leaves a lot of room for plotlines – anything magic/folklore/superstition/voodoo etc. could eventually be used for an episode.

The writing style is crisp and clean, very much reflecting the professionalism of the protagonist, Dashiell Aldridge. Each chapter is well-written and interesting. Given its design and the talent at work, Dash’s adventures could go on endlessly without ever really running out of possibilities.

If I [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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It does a good job of throwing you right into the world

By Oniwasabi, author of The Monster They Deserve

Oct 3, 2015: We enter this serial ‘in media res’ (thanks for teaching me that one, Order of the Stick! ^_^) aka in the middle of something. In this case that something is the whole ‘main characters have been kidnapped’ that is mentioned in the descriptive blurb for the story!

In my opinion (and experience), this is a tricky way to start a brand new story with brand new characters, and I think this author pulls it off quite nicely. We get immediately focused [more . . .]

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