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Random Editorial Review

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Psychological Drama

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Apr 8, 2013: The blurb makes it sound like this story is going to be a polemic against student loan debt. It’s not that at all. In fact, his debts are only one of the reasons Anthony Stephens decides he doesn’t want to be in his life anymore. But rather than suicide, he opts for pseudicide – faking his own death. Now, there’s a few dangers associated with pseudicide. One is you could end up really dead. Another is that someone who helps you could take the fall.

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Random Member Review

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Mean Streets

By Pete Tzinski, author of God in the Machine

Nov 29, 2008: There is a great deal of material present, in "Street," and if you take to reading it regularly then you’ll have a large archive to while away your days reading. And that’s just fine, because it’s a fantastic way to lose a few hours.

I’ve never been a fan of cyberpunk. I enjoy William Gibson a great deal—and I see pieces of him in the first novel, "Empathy," which I am nearly done reading as of this writing— but the genre [more . . .]

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