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A cat detective and his human

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Aug 7, 2010: Thistledown Copperbottom is a unique cat in several ways. One is that he can talk – although he doesn’t share that with just anyone. Another is that he wants to solve crimes. Being that he’s still passing as a normal cat in today’s society, this takes dedication – for the cause, he even submits to being put in a harness! But even so, he has to delegate some detective duties to his human, Tabitha.

Being a multiple cat owner like myself, [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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Three Episodes In

By Wayne Basta, author of Seraph's Gambit

Nov 12, 2018: Token by Desmo is a story about four college kids who enjoy playing games. After a round of Axis and Allies turns sour they all discover a mysterious card in their hands. These cards are list of increasingly poor behavior with a set of points next to them.  Each card is tailored to the individual.

None of the boys can figure out where they came from and they magical appearance gets starker as they discover that when they do one of [more . . .]

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