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Random Editorial Review

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Brilliant and Spooky

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Mar 9, 2013: I began reading the first book of this series on Wattpad, and I’m very much looking forward to more. The plot was what drew me in at first, as it follows Elizabeth Whyte, our nominal main character and a woman who can see spirits, and some others with her gift (or curse, depending on your point of view). This eventually moves into a bigger picture study of the agency who employs them (as well as number of completely spiritual beings), and about what it is that they do.

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Random Member Review

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Mean Streets

By Pete Tzinski, author of God in the Machine

Nov 29, 2008: There is a great deal of material present, in "Street," and if you take to reading it regularly then you’ll have a large archive to while away your days reading. And that’s just fine, because it’s a fantastic way to lose a few hours.

I’ve never been a fan of cyberpunk. I enjoy William Gibson a great deal—and I see pieces of him in the first novel, "Empathy," which I am nearly done reading as of this writing— but the genre [more . . .]

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