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Not All Heroes by Rhodeworks

Not all apocalypses are cataclysmic

The year is 2061. The Golden Age of empowered heroes ended in the cataclysmic fires of The Collapse. Costumed demigods brought the world to a dire precipice and individuals and institutions are still picking up the pieces, still walking the precarious tightrope of a world-shaking paradigm shift. The world is not as it once was. The relics of the . . .

A serialized novel, updating twice weekly.
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Inheritors by Megajoule

A clone of the greatest super ever, with only a fraction of the power.

Gabe is a clone of the greatest superhero in the world. He lives in the gutters of Houston, hiding from agencies that would liquidate him, and trying to live up to the legacy that Megajoule left behind. He bleeds in dark hallways, he breaks bones over little girls sold into sex slavery. He wonders: can he make a difference . . .

A serialized novel, updating weekly.
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Nomad Project Series by Nick Millini

In inceptum finis est.

In the year 2038, the city of North Brook is under siege by a malicious organization bent on revenge. One man, Jack Nomad, is determined to find the leader of this group as he looks for the answers regarding the disappearance of his friend. Other characters join along, including the quiet Kira Young, who has a secret of her own. . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes twice weekly.
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Earth 2 by CJA Works

One day, a green light washed over planet earth, and many people had newfound powers. Follow Jude, Paul, and Vanessa as they test the bounds of their powers and help people along the way. The content ranges from PG to PG-13, with some language and violence. There will be uploads every Friday. . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes weekly.
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Specimens by Resheet Schultz

Not everyone chooses to be a supervillain.

Not everyone chooses to be a supervillain. Lisa Bennet is just an eighteen year old girl living under her the thumb of her drunken abusive dad. Then, one night she finds herself with the power to control plants and with it, the power to change her life. She becomes a fugitive from justice, on the run one step ahead of . . .

A serialized novel, updating twice weekly.
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Mavericks by Joker

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

It’s 2023 and they say Blackburn is on the upswing. They say that the Rust Belt is becoming the Tech Belt. But hundreds of thousand still languish in poverty. Crime is omnipresent and the light at the end of the tunnels seems like an illusion. To prevent a slide back into the bad old days, four unlikely heroes will . . .

A series.
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Exodus by Soteria Thomas

Exodus is a story of a disenfranchised people who seek unconditional opportunity and freedom on a planet galaxies away. There, they can live lives as Kinetics, free of persecution in a society leading the way in technology, protected by the watchful ALLs and their secret police group Aberrant Organization. That is until a dreadful attack on the capitol, followed by . . .

A serialized novel, updating fortnightly.
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The Worlds We Live In by Ezra

New World, New Life

After “Master,” the most powerful superhuman in the world opened a portal to all of the other worlds, a new way of life is created. Magic, new technology, and disease are all introduced to new worlds. This web serial tells the story of men and women in different worlds whose lives have been changed by the opening of the portal. . . .

A serialized novel, updating sporadically.
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Addictive story with engaging characters

By Jellybean, member

Feb 27, 2018: I love every update of this webseries. The setting is a slightly dystopic world with realistic attitudes towards superheroes, reminding me a bit of Worm but darker. There were moments in the story that made me cry (and others that made me cringe). I am not really into superhero stories but what keeps me interested are the characters that showcase the human condition and all of its flaws. I love their backstories and finding out why they do what they do. I find myself emotionally invested in two out of [more . . .]

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