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Catherine by Nimja

Is she twisted, or the world?

Catherine is a woman around 30 years old, beautiful, intelligent, dangerous. In a way you could see her as just a nymphomaniac lacking excitement in her life. But that wouldn’t be fair to the scheming and complex person that she really is. Try and read it, you might just get swept away in the vortex of her life and thoughts. . . .

An abandoned novel.
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Mind the Thorns by Rob Osterman

The tale of Regan Fairchild: accountant, bachelorette, and vampire.

Regan knew her day was going down hill when she said “I Don’t” while all her friends and family expected to hear “I Do”, passed a middle when she found herself attacked and killed outside her favorite pub, and hit rock bottom when she awoke in a coffin still in her wedding dress. Follow her exploits in the weekly web . . .

An abandoned novel.
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