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Hot. Damn.

By Eli James, editor

Oct 8, 2009: I enjoyed Kat and Mouse. Fast. Funny. Lots of blood between paragraphs. Read it while liveblogging at The Dispatch. Kept me entertained.


Abner Senires has the skills. The chops, as they say in the biz. Writing reads snappy. Characters a little on the diptzy side, though. Lots of action. Good light reading. Very little commas.

Hard to imagine it as a book.

Maybe a comic.

Like I said, damn.

Kat’s a ronin. Mercenary. Mouse her sidekick. Story structured around these two. Keep getting in over their heads.

With the mob, whatever.

Lots of gore.

Somehow they always survive.

Intact, that is. They’ve got biomods. Additions to make them bulletproof, superfast, accurate, you name it.

The other characters don’t matter. Can find them in any cyberpunk novel.

Like they go by different names. Under different authors. Or something.

Emotional investment? Hah. No emotional investment.

Like I said, fast reading. Fun. Give it a try, if that’s your thing.

Just . . . don’t expect to be moved.

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