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Wobot takes the Wap

By Linton Robinson, member

Nov 11, 2009: What fun!

I came to this hoping to find a mainstream (i.e. adult) story among all the high school monsters and zombies, but the hard-boiled ‘tec bit quickly slipped into SF, at least to the extent of a robot client.

But it’s not really SF, it’s humor. A close cousin would be Roger Rabbit, with the detective involved in something not at all real, but a huge lot of fun.

Once that’s established, things move along, then blow sky high. This is the sort of story that tends to get under-rated. The light tone and faux deadpan makes it look easy. But it’s the real thing, albeit wild and crazee

My favorite line so far: (and an example of the understatement I mentioned) "Her face was unreadable- robot emotions can be hard to interpret."

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