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Engaging, amusing and I can’t stop reading…

By Shandrydan, member

Feb 26, 2010: I stumbled on this today (it was the featured editors pick), and have so far read 9 chapters.

The main character is engaging and believable and there are some really nice supporting characters including her AI assistant and her best friend Frog.

Unlike the editors review (which I did not read before I read the story) I did not find the Star Wars, and other culture references annoying. I found that they are used appropriately (not overdone) and you could believe the character would actually use them in those circumstances. In fact I found it helped bridge two worlds: the world that we recognise and one that also contains gremlins and other psychic strangeness.

The writing has a comic edge to it – not laugh out loud, but definitely raises a smile.

I am looking forward to reading the rest.


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