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Film Noir in Primary Colours

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Apr 9, 2013: This is something different, a sort of hybrid webfiction and webcomic. The meandering tales have a film noir quality, and are illustrated by cartoon figures made up of primary shapes and colours and the odd photo. (I’m not sure what program would be used to create this, but it’s not one of the most advanced graphic design software!)

I must admit neither the stories nor the illustrations are particularly to my tastes, but written and recommended respectively by such webfiction greats as Dan Leo and Kathleen Maher, it’s worth taking a look at if you feel at all curious. Someone out there is going to find it immensely quirky and wonderful, and write a review to tell me I’m all wrong.

At the time of this review, "St. Crispian" is regularly updating and has been active since 2011.

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