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Down and out in Santa Monica

By Fiona Gregory, editor

May 18, 2009: This is a story in its early stages as of this review (May 2009), but one I really like so far.

A street-smart young man, Trey, is on the run, for reasons we’ve not been told yet. He’s sleeping rough in a city park, when he notices a mysterious package hidden in the leaves, and figures he can blackmail whoever comes to pick it up. But so far the plan isn’t going too well, and it looks like his past is starting to catch up with him . . . 

The story unfolds in the form of a blog which Trey updates at the public library. The snappy, conversational writing style draws the reader in, getting us inside Trey’s head as well as narrating the exciting events of his life. He’s a tough character, definitely looking out for number one, but doesn’t go out of his way to hurt others, and some references to people in his past life suggest he has his vulnerable side. He’s confident and quick thinking, but has he overestimated himself?

There’s some wry humour here too. Recommended for lovers of crime and action stories.

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