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Interrupting the Drop

By Linda Schoales, editor

Nov 5, 2009: “Dead Drop” is the story of Trey, a 20-year old drifter in LA, who finds something stashed in the park that he thinks is going to be his ticket to a better life. He’s come in on the middle of a “drop” and figures he can squeeze somebody for some cash. Unfortunately, he already has people after him and this little package just adds to his troubles.

The story is told in first person by Trey and it’s mostly a monologue [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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A fantasy I can believe

By Sten Düring, author of Frays in the Weave

May 1, 2015: Heather Blackthorne is caught in the fallout of personal tragedy in a world where magic is commonplace but simplistic justice isn’t.

The story, this far, reads like a full length fantasy novel, and I suspect that it will end up one.

That said, it doesn’t explode with all important narrative components introduced in the first chapter, which, as far as I’m concerned is a good thing.

[more . . .]

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