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Lighthearted antihero fun

By TanaNari, author of Price

Feb 13, 2016: The REAL definition of antihero- which is to say a hero, with pretty much no heroic traits. Not the modern "badass jerk who’s on the good side, maybe" version.

The good:

The story starts with a somewhat self-deprecating and witty main character thrust into a crazy new life full of weirdness. Your walk down this well-trodden path will have you smiling and occasionally laughing at the down to earth charming humor of the main character.

The story gets rambly at times, as the narrator goes through tangents in his mind. The author’s good enough to make it work, but not quite good enough to make it pleasant like Douglass Adams did. Still, ‘not as good as Adams’ is hardly an insult, and maybe with time the writer can reach that level of charm in his work. He’s pointed in that direction, at least.

In fact, a LOT of the style reminds me of Adams and Pratchett . . . the blend of silly and serious, the rambling as part of the narrative, and the easy pleasure-reading. This author lacks their refinement and deeper commentary, but has the same comfortable feel for reading and ability to introduce lots of exposition without annoying the reader. Or, at least, not me.

The Bad:

The narrative has a painful habit of switching from past to present tense at times. It’s clearly a design decision,, but it’s a poor one in my opinion. Most of the story is done in first person present . . . only to switch to past in the parts of the story where the narrator talks directly to the reader like the whole thing was a story being told while sitting at an interview. In this way, it’s the opposite of how it should be done.

In addition, there’s basically no navigation on the site. It took me three chapters to figure out I was reading the story in reverse, then scroll all the way down to the bottom and start reading my way up.

A bit wordy at times. The rambling flow works against it in combat sequences- and as a Supers story, it has plenty of combat sequences.

It really doesn’t have Pratchett or Adams’ commentary. The story is straightforward and charming, but there’s no real depth or message in the story. It’s great popcorn material, but it plays it too safe to ever evoke powerful reactions.

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