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Children of the Wells Debut Offering

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Aug 25, 2013: A man awakes to an apocalyptic scenario, and his first thought is to find and protect the proud, prickly, damaged young magician he has spent years serving without appreciation or gratitude. He’s going to save her whether she likes it or not, and of course, she won’t like it.

This well-written novella-length story is carried along both by the characters’ quests to reach their goals in the midst of a world falling apart, and the unfolding of the motivations behind two intense, uncompromising personalities. Will you, as the reader, be able to sympathize with either of them? Calea is unwarrantedly rude and abrasive to all the mild mannered folk around her, while Bron comes across as masochistic in his loyalty. But they are both incredibly courageous and determined in the face of great physical and emotional peril. Refreshingly, the author restrains himself from an obvious route he could have taken with Bron and Calea and stays true to their difficult personalities to the end.

At least for now. There’ll be more to come. "The Select’s Bodyguard" is the first in a series being written by five different authors in the same setting, a magic-using world that has suddenly lost its magic. Their goals are "to write the stories we’d like to see. Not just fantastic and fantastical stories, but stories rooted in truth and goodness." Each novella will be serialized and then released as a free ebook. We’ll never run out of things to read . . . 

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