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When the Deep Purple Falls by E.A. Aymar

When the Deep Purple Falls is a story about a hit man who has lost his girlfriend, his job and soon, maybe, his life. It’s a comedy! Not really, but it has some funny moments. This book is a prequel to my novel being published later this year. . . .

A complete novel.
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The Adventures of Thistledown Copperbottom by L. M. Bricker

Thistledown Copperbottom is a cat living in Columbus, Ohio with his person, Tabitha Silverstein. When his best friend’s owner is murdered Thistle promises to help him find the killer, dragging Tabitha along for the ride. . . .

A complete series.
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The ABCs by Tony Monbetsu

Small-Town Japan can be anything but peaceful.

Moriarty Jackson is an English teacher in the idyllic Japanese countryside. Idyllic, that is, until he’s called upon to solve a heinous crime. Now Jackson will have to turn this sleepy town and upside down if he’s going to save the day and get the girl. . . .

An abandoned novel.
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Going Down

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Sep 28, 2013: Reading When the Deep Purple Falls is a bit like being at the top of the Grand Canyon to start a hike – it might be an interesting journey, but it quickly becomes evident that the path here is down all the way. It is, for the most part, an eerily quiet depiction of a criminal whose life is falling apart, and who’s too numb to really feel it or know what to do. Our protagonist, Frank (a.k.a. Bardos), works for Mack, who seems to be sort of a small-time [more . . .]

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