Hidden Gem on Web Fiction Guide!

By Thedude3445, author of Rainbow Destructor

Feb 4, 2019: Now THIS is a great example of what the medium of web fiction can pull off if done right. Using short chapter bursts and nested hyperlink asides, Advent paints the picture of the life of a young child from a broken home who gets involved in events out of their own control. It’s a pretty short story and not one that is good for plot summaries, so I won’t get too much into the plot.

The main plus for the story is the absolute mastery of voice by the narrator. The story is thoroughly, utterly within the point of view of this child and restricts the reader to viewing it entirely through them. You can only piece together the story through subtext and inference, and the realization of certain elements make for really emotional revelations, even if the narrator themself may not ever come to the same realizations.

And the story makes good use of hypertext fiction to expand on its story; often during chapters, there’ll be links for you to click, taking you to observations, memories, or side scenes from the narrator relating to something within the main part of the chapter. This kind of nonlinear storytelling is exactly the kind of thing that web fiction. and only web fiction, can pull off in a prose story, and we absolutely need more usages of the internet as a medium for storytelling!

Advent is a must-read for fans of web fiction, and the fact that it’s a short and breezy read means you can knock it out in an hour or less. Don’t pass it up.

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