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The Silver Ring by Robert Swartwood

17-year-old David Beveridge is in the wrong place at the wrong time. When a gunman storms into a convenience store demanding money, he becomes spooked and shoots the cashier before shooting David. Only David doesn’t die. Neither does the cashier. She dies, yes, but David manages to bring her back to life. How? With the help of a . . .

A complete novel.
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Sand Castle by Ayami Tyndall

Innocent people are being condemned by unnatural misfortune. Dylan Quale’s life has twisted into a chain of bizarre coincidences, but he only knows what’s happening from anonymous phone messages bearing strange prophecies. Probability is being distorted, and only Dylan can fix it, but the world is in flux and routes to survival are vanishing into impossibility. To regain the lost . . .

A complete novel.
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After Life by Simon Funk

A sci-fi novella about the inventor of a technology to digitally recreate minds in hardware. . . .

A complete novel.
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Quick & Entertaining: A bite-sized adventure

By A. M. Harte, editor, author of Theatre of Horrors

Aug 27, 2009: What seems like any other day for David takes a turn for the worse when a ring he finds at the movie theatre ends up having magical powers beyond his comprehension. Just as he begins unravelling the mystery behind the ring, he finds himself chased by mysterious beings, and his very life is in danger.

This was a quick and easy read, the writing was free of mistakes and fairly solid. The characters are likeable and have considerable depth taking into [more . . .]

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Ok, I’m Hooked…

By illlogicmedia, member

Nov 13, 2013: Wow, just wow.

It has been a while since I’ve read a mind bending action packed book. Every page leaves you wanting more. I blew through the first 13 pages with ease.

If the author keeps this up, I will no doubtedly be hooked until the ending. So far the mystery, the probability, the sheer craziness catches your imagination. You can feel the the tension build up within yourself.

[more . . .]

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