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Time Matters by J. M. Sagardia

Tales that make your imagination take off is a serial fiction blog. Time Matters is the first story. In it, a new business presentation catapults creative director Ray Young into a world without time. While doing some research regarding the prospect client’s new vision about how to better measure the passage of time he comes in contact with a dead person who knows better than him. . . .

A serialized novel, updating weekly.
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Peace Tomorrow by M. McPherson

thriller, crime, romance, action, drugs, west coast, romeo and juliet

Welcome to Veron City, a paradise by the sea. Beneath its veneer of picturesque beaches, flashy homesteads, and beautiful people lies the seedy struggle of two families at odds to use Veron’s wealth for personal gain. Lucius Imada is a romantic, a transplant from the east coast who came for the promise of perfection, only to find the path . . .

A serialized novel, updating weekly.
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Ruin Follow by Deadbeat Books

Forgotten are the gods who warred and why the ruin followed

A post apocalyptic serial that explores identity and fixation, told from the perspectives of the denizens of three nations. In the wake of the Rack and Ruin untold species unite to survive in a landscape of extremes. Though the gods are dead, they left behind their fetiches—instruments of obsession and fate. . . .

A series.
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Minimal English by Anon

When a man first caught sight of his lovely student, it was love at first sight. What follows is a typical tale of obsession, told in an atypical way. . . .

A complete series.
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The Backwards Wheel by Patrick Gear

Chelsea Leigh is dead. Her killer confessed, and was locked up to rot. Nobody knows why he killed her. Well, there I told a little lie. This is the truth: The world really is the way you thought it was when you were very young. It’s strange and impossible, and sometimes it’s horrific. Our minds struggle to imagine . . .

A complete novel.
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A refreshing new take on the subject of time

By sandmanchemi, author of Time Matters

Nov 7, 2017: A very interesting take on the subject of time that goes beyond the usual time traveling theories. In a fun serial blog format and through an eclectic yet endearing cast of characters the author presents his theory of what time truly is. If you’re a science fiction aficionado like me you’ll enjoy the refreshing new take on the subject of time. Plus you’ll never look at time the same way again.

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