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Unable to tear away!

By Erin Klitzke, author of The Last Colony

May 8, 2011: When I started reading Legion of Nothing, I read it for almost six hours straight. It was that engaging. The narrator, Nick, is endearing and as a reader I found myself feeling sorry for him even as I cheered him on—no one likes to have their destiny picked for them, and to be a "normal" teenager stuck following in your grandfather’s footsteps as a super hero? Not an enviable task when you think about it.

Zoetewey brings a verisimilitude to superhero stories that’s rarely shown through humor rather than tragedy—Nick is no Batman or Superman, no Ironman or mutant, but he and his friends have to deal with the weighty concerns of keeping their secrets and protecting their families. His characters handle what’s laid before them with the resilience of youth and the inventiveness of those who haven’t been told "No, you can’t do it that way."

Very fun story so far.

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