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Project: Freeflow by Thomas Knapp and Mary Ebert

On August 15, 2110 at 0927 ZULU, the asteroid body Volstock 22-AAE collided with the Earth fifty-one kilometers north of the Los Angeles metropolis in what was then the province of the same name. The asteroid wasn’t particularly large, only a little over one hundred and twenty meters at its widest, and even though the asteroid in and of . . .

A complete pdf novel.
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Adult Horror Classic, Bloody One. For Zombie-Apocalypse was simply much too easy!

By Pietroschek, member

Oct 30, 2015: SPOILER_ALERT Review of Project: Freeflow by Thomas Knapp and Mary Ebert;

A splendid survival-horror with the fiercest enemies of our species and wellbeing. Our fellow humans.

Prosaic Note: Most of us know those early mornings. The coffee or tea doesn’t taste too good, the body still feels numb, and schedule does not allow to take a long, nearly hot shower. So what better than deciding ‘Lets go murder 17 million people!’? ;->

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